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Citrus grandis

Life formtreePhysiologyevergreen, single stem
HabiterectCategoryfruits & nuts
Life spanperennialPlant attributesgrown on small scale

MinMaxMinMaxSoil depthdeep (>>150 cm)medium (50-150 cm)
Temperat. requir.23321240Soil texturemedium, organicwide, organic
Rainfall (annual)150025007004000Soil fertilityhighmoderate
Latitude10-3040Soil Al. tox
Altitude --- --- -1500Soil salinitylow (<4 dS/m)medium (4-10 dS/m)
Soil PH5.574.58Soil drainagewell (dry spells)poorly (saturated >50% of year), well (dry spells), excessive (dry/moderately dry)
Light intensityclear skiesvery brightcloudy skiesvery bright

Climate zonetropical wet & dry (Aw), tropical wet (Ar), subtropical dry summer (Cs)Photoperiodshort day (<12 hours), long day (>14 hours)
Killing temp. during restno inputKilling temp. early growthno input
Abiotic toler.Abiotic suscept.wind
Introduction risks.

Product. systemhome gardenCrop cycle00
Cropping systemSubsystemCompanion speciesLevel of mechanizationLabour intensity
perennial cropssole cropping
perennial cropsinter-croppingbanana, areca palm

(at most )

Main useDetailed useUsed part
food & beveragevitaminsfruits
food & beveragemineralsfruits
materialcosmetics & perfumeryflowers
materialtimber woodbark
medicinalrespiratory applicationsleaves
medicinalimmune system applicationsleaves
medicinaldigestive system applicationsleaves
medicinalrespiratory applicationsflowers
medicinalimmune system applicationsflowers
medicinaldigestive system applicationsflowers
medicinalrespiratory applicationsfruits
medicinalimmune system applicationsfruits
medicinaldigestive system applicationsfruits