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Solenostemon rotundifolius

Authority(Poir.) J.K. Morton
SynonymsColeus rotundifolius Chev. & Perrot, Coleus parviflorus, Coleus dysentericus Baker, Coleus rotundifolius (Poir.) A. Chev. & Perrot, Coleus rotundifolius var. nigra A. Chev., Coleus rotundifolius var. rubra A. Chev., Germanea rotundifolia Poir., Plectranthus rotundifolius (Poir.) Spreng., Plectranthus tuberosus Blume
Common nameshausa potato, coleus, coleus potato, chinese potato, country potato, ratala, Sudan-potato, pomme de terre du Soudan, hausakartoffel, koorka, patata de los hausas, kembifi, ubi kembili, innala, ketang, fra-fra-salanga, koorkan, fra-fra potato, saluga, tumuku, fabirama
Ecocrop code9922

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb with prostrate or ascending habit
and a succulent stem reaching up to 15-30 cm in length,
forming tubers in clusters around the base of the stem.
The tubers are small and dark-brown. USES The tubers are
used in the same way as potatoes. GROWING PERIOD Annual
herb, tubers are ready for harvest after 150-200 days from
planting. COMMON NAMES Hausa potato, Country potato,
Coleus potato, Madagascar potato, Koorka, Kembili, Ubi
kembili, Innala, Ratala, Ketang, Fra-fra potato, Saluga,
Sudan potato, Tumuku, Fa-birama. FURTHER INF Scientific
synonyms: Coleus rotundifolius, C. dysentericus,
Plectranthus rotundifolius, P. tuberosus. Low night
temperatures promote tuber development. Recorded yields
vary from 7-15 t/ha but higher yields may be obtained.
Possible native to Ethiopia.
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