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Sesbania exaltata

AuthorityBoiss. & Heldr., Papanic. & Kokkini
Common names
Ecocrop code9714

DESCRIPTION: It is a robust semiwoody heeb with smooth stems growing to 4 m tall and with few or no branches The leaves are alternately arranged and are once even-pinnately compound. The leaves may be as long as 30 cm. Each leaf may have from 20-70 leaflets. The corolla is 1.5-2.0 cm long. The petals are yellow and are often streaked or spotted with purple. The fruit is a dry, smooth, linear pod from 10-20 cm long and 3-4 mm broad. Each pod contains from 30-40 seeds. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial or annual at high altitudes and latitudes. Living up to 20 years and maturing seed in about 105 days. USE : It can be used as a cover crop. COMMON NAMES: Colorado river hemp, Hemp, Peatree, aka Coffeebean, Indigoweed. FURTHER INF: Scientific synonyms: S. macrocarpa, Sesban exaltata, S. sonorae, Darwinia exaltata. It occurs along ditches, roadsides, fields, disturbed sites, river banks and lake shores throughout Florida westward to southern California and northward to New York. It is also found in Mexico and Central America. It can be found at altitudes between sea level and 1000 m.
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