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Saccharum barberi

Common names
Ecocrop code9432

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass with short canes, medium to slender in thickness, with high fiber content, and medium sucrose content. USES It provides raw sugar but yields are rather poor. Important by-products are bagasse, molasses, filter mud cakes, and cane wax. Bagasse is residue used as fuel, livestock fed, and for the manifacture of fiberboard, paperpulp, plastic, furfural, and cellulose. Molasses are fed to livestock, used for industrial purposes, in confectionary, and it is the source of industrial alcohol as well as rum and gin. Filter mud cakes are used as fertilizer. Cane wax are used in the production of furniture, shoe, and leather polishes, electrical insulating material, and waxed paper. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, growing about 270-300 days per year. COMMON NAMES Sugar cane. FURTHER INF "Barberi" sugar cane is native of northern India. It was the major cultivated species in America until the 19th Century.
SOURCES (S. barberi Jesweit)
Purseglove J 1972 pp 214-256 [TEMP, LIG, RAIN, FER, DRA, USE, TEXT, PHO]