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Pterocarpus santalinus

AuthorityL. f.
Common names
Ecocrop code9049

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to medium-sized deciduous tree reaching a height of 10-20 m and a girth of 1-1.7 m. It usually has an erect bole and a rather dense rounded crown. USES The wood and bark are sources of tannin. The hard, heavy wood can be used for carpentry and for fence posts. GROWING PERIOD Relatively slow-growing perennial. Seeds are gathered in May-June and sown in July-September. In some areas the tree is only allowed to grow for 3 years before the dye is extracted. The tree mature and are cut at 100-120 years. In india, a coppice rotation of about 40 years is practised. COMMON NAMES Red sandalwood, Lal chandan, Red sanders, Sanderswood, Calialur wood, Lal chandan, Errachandan, Rakta chandan, Chandana-maram, Yerra chandanam. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: P. santalinoides. Red sandalwood is native of southern India. In southeastern India, it is found at elevations from 150-1000 m. It usually occur on dry hilly and often rocky ground.
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