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Platanus orientalis

Common namesOriental planetree, Eastern sycamore, chinar tree, doolb, buna, platane d'Orient, platano do Oriente, platano de genio, coquilho
Ecocrop code8744

DESCRIPTION: A large deciduous tree reaching 20-28 m in height and 13-23 m in width with dense foliaged and contorted branches from low above ground, unless pruned into a tree shape. The springtime flowers are followed by fruits which are found on stalks in groups of three to 6. The attractive bark is cream coloured and flaky and very striking in the winter. USE: The wood of is so tough, dense and hard it is often used for butcher's blocks and furniture. The tree is grown as an ornamental and street tree, growing well in city environments and polluted air.
GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Oriental planetree. FURTHER INF: Naturally found along streams and floodplain riverbeds, it should be grown in full sun or partial shade on moist soils.