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Pinus mugo

SynonymsPinus mughus Scop., Pinus pumilio Haenke, Pinus montana Mill.
Common namesmountain pine, Swiss mountain pine, dwarf mountain pine, dwarf pine, Mugho pine, knee pine, creeping pine, pin de montagne, pino montano, Bergkiefer, Latsche, pinheiro de Mugo
Ecocrop code8642

DESCRIPTION: Mountain pine is an evergreen shrub or small tree reaching 0.6-16 m in height. USE: It can be used as embankment cover, its shallow root system and spreading growth habit will combine, over time, to create a solid evergreen cover in sunny, exposed areas. It can also be used as an effective non-thorny barrier hedge and is planted as an ornamental shrub. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. FURTHER INF: It is native to the Alps in Europe.