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Paspalum distichum

Common names
Ecocrop code8348

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A grass with erect culms up to 15-60 cm and long creeping rhizomes and stolons. Leaves stiff, narrow, about 15 cm long. USES Used for pasture it withstands very heavy grazing. The plants should be well established before grazing is allowed and a 90 days rest will improve plant vigour. Useful in erosion control on salted lands and areas reclaimed from tidal influences. GROWING PERIOD Summer-growing perennial grass. COMMON NAMES Salt-water couch, Sea-shore paspalum, Grama bobo, Grama salada, Water couch grass, Grama de mar, Ginger grass, Knot grass, Rumput italia, Asinan, Lamhani, Malit-kalabaw, Bakbaba, Gagayut, Ya-sakat-namkhem, Co'san doi. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: P. paspalodes. Salt-water couch can be found at elevations from sea level and up to 1700 m. It has a latitudinal range between 30°N and S and it occurs naturally in sands and muds near the seashore, and in saline soil and swamps. In direct-seeded rice it is a serious weed that grows vigorously under favourable conditions.
Grassland Index
Grassland Index
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