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Palaquium gutta

Authority(Hook. f.) Baillon
SynonymsIsonandra gutta Hook., Isonandra gutta var. oblongifolia de Vriese, Palaquium oblongifolium (Burck) Burck
Common namesgutta percha, gutta-percha tree
Ecocrop code8220

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized to tall evergreen tree reaching 25-45 m in height with a columnar bole up to 60 cm in diameter, usually with small buttresses. USES The timber is used for planks, not exposed to the weather or ground and furniture. The latex has insulating property and is impervious to water, it is used for the insulation of subterranean and submarine electric cables, manufacture of golf balls, certain types of surgical appliances, transmission bells an acid-resistant receptacles. The seeds contain a fat used for the mnanufacture of soaps and candles, and sometimes for cooking. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Leaves of about 10 months of age are collected for extraction of latex. COMMON NAMES Gutta-percha tree, Gutta, Taban merah, Suntek, Balam abang, Getah merah, Taban merah, Nyatoh taban merah, Nyatoh rian Chik-nom, Saeo. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. acuminatum, P. oblongifolium, Croixia gutta. Gutta-percha tree is native of Malaysia and Indonesia. It usually occurs scattered in lowland forest, but can be found up to 1600 m in elevation.
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