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Melaleuca viridiflora

Common names
Ecocrop code7675

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A crooked shrub 1-2 m tall to a medium-sized tree reaching a height of up to 25 m. It has large greenish-cream, white, greenish yellow, red and crimson. USES The wood can be used as fuel and for charcoal, posts, and poles. The tree can be used as an ornamental in coastal areas, for shelter, and amenity plantings and it is a good source of pollen for bees. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Broad-leaved paperbark, Coarse-leaved paperbark, Swamp paperbark. FURTHER INF Broad-leaved paperbark occurs in northern Australia within the latitudinal range 8-26°S at elevations between sea level and 1000 m. It is mainly found in lowland coastal marshes, seasonal swamps and esturine plains, but it can also occur on slopes and ridges in undulating country. Its free-seeding and suckering habit makes it a potential weed.
SOURCES (Melaleuca viridiflora Sol. ex Gaertner)
Turnbull J 1986 pp 288-289 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, DRA, PH, FER, USE, LIMIT]