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Melaleuca bracteata

AuthorityF. Muell
Common names
Ecocrop code7669

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub or small bushy tree 2-10 m tall. On favourable sites however it may reach 20 in height. USES The tree can be used for shelter, erosion control on stream banks and in gullies, and as an ornamental. The wood can be used for posts and poles. The leafs contain an essential oil that can be used to increase the potency of some insecticides, and in perfumery and soaps. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES River tea-tree, Black tea-tree, White cloud tree, Prickly-leaved tea-tree, Bracteate honey-myrtle. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: M. glaucocarlyx, M. genistifoila var coriacea, M. monticola, M. daleana. River tea-tree can be found in several regions of northern and eastern Australia within the latitudinal range 16-30°S at elevations between sea level and 900 m. It can be found on rugged to undulating and moderately hill country and in some areas it also extends to the plains. It is often found around waterholes and along watercourses and may be confined to them in arid areas. It is a potential weed on some sites.
SOURCES (M. bracteata F. Muell.)
Turnbull J 1986 pp 274-275 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, PH, SAL, DEP, DRA, FER, USE, LIMIT]