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Axonopus fissifolius

Common names
Ecocrop code74953

DESCRIPTION: Shallow-rooted grass (>90 % of roots in the 0-5 cm layer), initially forming shortly rhizomatous tufts that quickly develop vigorous stolons, forms a dense mat with foliage 15-30 cm tall, and flowering culms mostly 30-60 cm, can be mowed to a turf. USE: Used as a permanent pasture, ground cover and turf. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Caratao grass, Carpet grass, Common carpet grass. FURTHER INF: It is native to South and Central USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and most of South America. Naturalised in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands, Occurs on low, flat areas in humid and sub-humid warm temperate to tropical woodland and savannah. Colonising hilly, as well as flat country. It does not withstand prolonged flooding. Adapted to well to moderately drained sandy or sandy-loam soils, but also to light clays and peats, flourishing in infertile soils. Best in acid soils, becoming chlorotic above pH 7. Low tolerance of salinity (<4 dS/m). Top growth is greatest between 27-32°C, and with a day length of 15 hours. Temperatures below 13°C inhibit flowering. Although found in the tropics, it appears to be best adapted to the subtropics. Tops are burnt off by heavy frost, but plants recover with the onset of warmer, moist conditions.
Tropical forages 2005