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Lupinus albus

SynonymsLupinus albo flore Clus.
Common nameswhite lupin, lupino blanco
Ecocrop code7431

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous plant growing 0.5-1.6 m high. USES Used for grazing, green manure, and general soil improvement. Fresh seeds are poisonuos, but prolonged treatment by boiling makes them edible. A flour is made from the seeds. They have medicinal properties and a wide range of potential use in liquors, soaps, and fiber-work. GROWING PERIOD Winter annual, growing 90-180 days. Flowers in May-June. (Monegat; autumn sown in Brazil it provides groundcover in 75-100 days, flowers after 75-100 days and mature after 90-135 days). COMMON NAMES White lupin, Egyptian lupin. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: L. termis, L. graecus, L. jugoslavicus. White lupin is probably native to Balkan. It can be grown at altitude between sea level and 740 m. Yields of lupin seeds vary from down to 290 kg/ha in Africa to up to 4.5 t/ha in Australia. Average yield is about 800-1000 kg/ha. About 5-7.5 t/ha of dry herbage can be obtained.
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