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Levisticum officinale

Common nameslovage, livèche, Liebstöckel, Levistici rhizoma et radix, Levistici folium, Levistici herba, Levistici fructus, Aetheroleum levistici
Ecocrop code7277

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall herb with a tubular stem, which branches and develops every year, frequently reaching over 2 m tall, while the root sytem may reach 40-50 cm below ground level. The leaves are 50-60 cm long and the inflorescence is a flat, compound umbrel. USES An essential oil extracted from the roots are used in perfumery, soaps and creams, and it has been used in the production of tobacco. It also has medicinal properties. The seeds and seed oil are used as flavoring agents in confectionery and liqueurs. The stems are used for candied products, and leaves are added to salads, soups and stews. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Lovage lives for 6-8 years, but a plantation can usually only be maintained for 3-4 years. COMMON NAMES Lovage. FURTHER INF Lovage is native of the mountain regions of northern Europe. A 3-4 year old plantation yields 6-8 t/ha of fresh root, which gives 5-6 kg of essential oil. The average leaf yield is 4-6 t/ha, from which 2-4 kg of vegetable oil can be produced. Seed yields may be 0.4-0.6 t/ha or 3-6 kg of seed oil.
SOURCES (L. officinale Koch)
Hornok L 1992 pp 151-153 [DEP, TEMP, RAIN, PH, TEXT, FER, DRA, USE]