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Lepidium sativum

Common namescress, garden cress, curled cress, pepper grass, fetto, shimfi (Galinya), kotto, shimfa, shimp (Kaffa), shufu (Aderic)
Ecocrop code7227

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect herbaceous plant reaching 20-80 cm in height with small, white or slightly pink flowers. USES The leaves and seedling shoots are eaten as leafy salad vegetables. GROWING PERIOD Annual. When sown in boxes the seedlings can be ready for harvest after 10-14 days. Growing for 75-105 days. COMMON NAMES Garden cress, Cress, Common cress Land cress, Pepper cress, Pepper grass, Cresson alenois, Passerage cultivee, Nasitort, Garten-kress, Kresse, Feto, Fetto, Circufa, Fecio, Shimfi, Kotto, Shimfa, Schemfa, Sumfa, Shimp, Chifu, Shufu, Masturco, Mastruco, Mastruco do sul, Mastuerzo, Mastuerzo hortense, Agriao-mouro, Agriao, Herba do esforzo, Lepidio, Berro de jardin, Berro de tierra, Berro hortense, Buminka, Beatzecrexu, Escobilla, Morritort, Morrisa, Lafsur, Umatholisa, Umathoyisa. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: L. hortense. Garden cress is native of southwestern Asia. In Ethiopia, garden cress is grown at elevations between 750-2900 m. It grows very fast and harvesting can begin in the same month as sowing, with yields reaching 6 t/ha.
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