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Lathyrus cicera

Common nameschickling vetch, falcon pea, vetchling, pea - falcon, fodder peas, chícaro menudo
Ecocrop code7156

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A robust legume reaching 20-100 cm in height with copper coloured flowers. USES The plant is palatable to livestock and the seeds are rich in albumin and can be fed to animals. GROWING PERIOD Cool-season annual propagating itself with seeds. COMMON NAMES Flat-topped vetchling, Flat-podded pea, Flat-podded vetch, Dwarf chickling, Gesse chiche, Jarosse, Djilban bangeru, Djelban bouqroun, Sesa, Saysa. FURTHER INF Flat-topped vetchling occur in the Mediterraean region and in western Asia. It occur in forest clearings, pastures, fallows and roadsides at elevations up to 1000 m. Forage yields may be 6-12 t/ha and hay yeilds 1.5-3 t/ha.
Grassland Index - In Ecocrop as synonym Lathyrus cicera
Kernick M 1978 pp 453-467 [RAIN, TEMP, DRA, PH, FER, DEP]