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Kerstingiella geocarpa

SynonymsMacrotyloma geocarpum
Common namesKersting's groundnut, groundnut - Kersting's
Ecocrop code7056

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb with prostrate rooting branches fruiting below ground. USES Immature and mature seeds are highly nutritious and are used as a protein-rich food source. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb, harvested 90-150 days from sowing. COMMON NAMES Hausa groundnut, Geocarpa, Kersting`s groundnut, Geocarpa Groundnut, Ground bean, Potato bean, Bendi, Bindi, Dieguem tenguere, Dougoufulo, Doyi, Feve de kandela, Haricot de behanzin, Haricot royal, Hausa groundnut, Kandela, Kandelabohne, Kouarourou, Kwaruru, Lentille de terre, Pararu, Eyeya, Pararu, Sempi. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Macrotyloma geocarpum, Voandeziz poissonii. Hausa groundnut originated in the savanna areas of West Africa. In West Africa yields have been estimated to be within the range 450-500 kg/ha of dried seed.
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