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Centrosema pubescens

Common namescentro, cardillo
Ecocrop code671

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Vigorous, deep-rooted, trailing, twining and climbing, leafy, herbaceous legume. In pure stands it forms a compact dense cover 40-45 cm high. It has dark green trifoliate leaves. Large flowers bright or pale lilac on either side of a median greenish-yellow band with numerous dark violet stripes or blotches. Pods liniar 7.5-15 cm long. USES Used for pasture, hay and silage. GROWING PERIOD Summer-growing perennial herb. Yearly growing period from 160-240 days. 120-240 days from sowing it provides a dense, compact cover. COMMON NAMES Centro, Jetirana, Bejuco de chivo, Campanilla, Butterfly pea, Sentro, Dilang-butiki, Lesu-kesu, Thualai, Thua-sentro, Day trung chau long. FURTHER INF Centro is native of tropical Central and South America. It can be found between latitudes 22°N and S at elevations up to 1600 m, however, it perform better below 600 m. It is well adapted to high air humidity, but may survive 3-4 dry months. Yields of green matter may be up to 40 t/ha, but average yields are around 5-14 t/ha. Dry matter yields may be up to 12 t/ha, but about 3 t/ha is more likely.
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