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Hibiscus sabdariffa var. sabdariffa

Common namesroselle, rozelle, sorrel, red sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, Indian sorrel, Guinea sorrel, sour-sour, Queensland jelly plant, jelly okra, lemon bush, Florida cranberry, oseille rouge, oseille de Guinée, quimbombó chino, sereni, rosa de Jamaica, flor de Jamaica, agrio de Guinea, quetmia ácida, viña, viñuela, vinagreira, azeda de Guiné, cururú azédo, quiabeiro azédo, zuring, karkadé, carcadé
Ecocrop code6708

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, woody, branched subshrub with red or green stems and pale yellow flowers. It can reach a height of up to 1-3 m. USES It produces edible fruits that are boiled with sugar to make beverages, jellies, sauces, and preserves. Its leaves and stalks can be eaten as salad vegetables, used as potherbs, and for seasoning. The seed contain an edible oil and can be ground to make flour. GROWING PERIOD Annual, grown as a fruit crop it may be harvested 90-120 days after transplantation. COMMON NAMES Roselle, Red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, Oseille de Guinee, Sereni, Amerikaansch zuur, Sour-sour, Isapa, Aukan, Chukun, Indian sorrel. FURTHER INF Roselle is probably native of West Africa. It is a tropical crop normally limited to latitudes between 25°N and 25°S at elevations up to 700 m. Some cultivars give satisfactory yields in wet humid regions although most are partially drought resistant. A relative air humidity of about 70-85% during the growing period is best. It require 12-12.5 hours daylength for flowering and fruit production. Photosynthesis pathway C 3. Nematodes may be a problem in sandy soils. A single plant produces about 1.5 kg of fruit, approximately 8 t/ha. Yields of leaves may be about 10 t/ha.
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