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Hibiscus sabdariffa var. altissima

Common namesroselle, rozelle, sorrel, Jamaica sorrel, Indian sorrel, Guinea sorrel, sour-sour, lemon bush, oseille de Guinée, quimbombó chino, sereni, rosa de Jamaica, flor de Jamaica, agrio de Guinea, quetmia ácida, viña, viñuela, vinagreira, azeda de Guiné, cururú azédo, quiabeiro azédo, zuring, karkadé, carcadé
Ecocrop code6707

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A vigorous, erect, single-stemmed shrub with pale yellow flowers. It can reach a height of up to 3-5 m. USES It is grown as a fiber crop. The fiber is obtained from the stems of the plant and used for textiles, either alone or mixed with jute. It is used for bags, twines, carpet yarn, and pulp. The fruits are inedible. GROWING PERIOD Annual. It may be ready for harvest 90-240 days from transplanting and is usually harvested before flowering. COMMON NAMES Roselle, Red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, Oseille de Guinee, Sereni, Amerikaansch zuur, Sour-sour, Isapa, Aukan, Chukun, Indian sorrel. FURTHER INF Roselle is probably native of West Africa. It is a tropical crop normally limited to latitudes between 45°N and 30°S at elevations up to 700 m. Some cultivars give satisfactory yields in wet humid regions although most are partially drought resistant. A relative air humidity of about 70-85% during the growing period is best. It require 12-12.5 hours daylength for flowering and fruit production. It is easily damaged by the wind. Photosynthesis pathway C 3. Yields of green plants may be 40-50 t/ha, fiber yield may be about 1-4 t/ha.
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