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Genista tinctoria

Common namesdyer's-greenweed, green broom, base broom, kendal green, woas-waxen, piorno, piorno dos tintureiros
Ecocrop code6401

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub with yellow flowers reaching a height of 10-200 cm. USES A yellow or green dye is produced from the flowers and the flower buds are used to flavor sauces, often replacing capers. The seeds can be used as a coffee substitute. Both flowers and seeds have medicinal propertiers and the plant can be grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Flowers in June-August in the United States, in April-August in Europe and fruit in early autumn. COMMON NAMES Dyer's-greenwood, Dyer's-greenweed, Woodwaxen. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: G. depressa, G. hungarica, G. marginata, G. mayeri, G. tanaitica, G. ovata, G. patula, G. polygalaefolia, G. sibirica, G. tetragona. Dyer's-greenwood is native of Europe and western Asia. Cows sometimes eat the leaves and produce bitter milk.
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