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Euterpe oleracea

AuthorityC. Martius
Common nameseuterpe palm, assai palm, acai palm, cabbage palm, palmier pinot, asaí, palmiche de Rio Negro, manaca, palm of col, açaí, açaízeiro, açaí do Pará, açaí do Baixo Amazonas, açaí de touceira, juçara, juçara de touceira, palmito açai
Ecocrop code6054

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen tree (palm) reaching a height of 4-30 m, with a slender stem, 20-30 cm in diameter. Leaves pinnate, fruit a globose drupe, ca 1.5 cm in diameter, darkish purple. USES The fruits are used to prepare a very nutritive drink or porridge. The heart of palm is used as a vegetable. The seeds are used as animal feed and as a source of compost. The wood is used as timber and the leaves are used in wickerwork. The palm is also an attractive ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Acai, Assai palm, Pina palm, Pinot. FURTHER INF Acai can be found between northern Argentina and Central America at elevations between sea level and 3000 m. It is common in the tidal plains of the Amazon estuary.
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