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Eugenia dombeyi

Authority(Sprengel) Skeels
SynonymsEugenia brasiliensis Lamk (1789), Myrtus dombeyi Sprengel (1825)
Common namesBrazil eugenia, Brazilian cherry, grumix-aneira of Brazil, Bois de nèfle, cerisier du Brésil, jambosier du Brésil, grumichama, grumixama, grumixameira
Ecocrop code5967

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small evergreen tree usually reaching 7-10 m in height, but can become up to 20 m, with a narrow compact crown and a short trunk with grey bark. The fruit is a globose to oblate berry, up to 3-5 cm in diameter, deep violet, red or white. USES The ripe fruit is eaten fresh, while the half ripe fruit can be made into jams, pies or preserves. The leaves and bark have medicinal properties. The tree can be grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Seedligs may start to fruit after 4-6 years. KILLING TEMP Mature trees tolerate -3°C for short periods, but young shoots are affected. COMMON NAMES Brazil cherry, Grumichama, Cerisier du Bresil, Jambosier du Bresil. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: E. brasiliensis, Myrtus dombeyi. Brazil cherry occurs both wild and coltivated in coastel southern Brazil. Light shade and protection from strong winds are best. (TEMP & RAIN estimated by the compiler).
Verheij E 1991 pp 164-165 [USE, KTMP, DEP, TEXT, FER, PH, LIG, LIMITS]