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Eucalyptus smithii

AuthorityR.T. Baker
Common names
Ecocrop code5931

DESCRIPTION: Medium sized to tall forest tree. Reduced to mallee form in higher, more exposed sites. Bark is rough, thick, greyish brown over most of the trunk, and has compact, narrow longitudinal fissures. Bark shedding from upper trunk in long ribbons, and remains hanging in the crown. Smooth, creamy white surface underneath. Leaves are characteristically long and narrow. Flowers from January to March. Flowers are white. Simple axillary inflorescence. Has 7 flowers on slender peduncles. Buds are diamond shaped to bulbous, dark green, and a scar is present. USE: Wood is used as timber. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Gully Gum, Gully Peppermint, Blackbutt Peppermint. FURTHER INF: Found on the coastal ranges adjacent to the escarpment and table lands of southern New South Wales, and into the ranges of far eastern Victoria. Occurs on lower slopes of hills, and on edges of streams and swamps, but is by know means restricted to gullies. Favours cool to warm humid to sub-humid climate.
SOURCE: CSIRO, Eucalyptus trees Database (16.05.02) E5931