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Eucalyptus muelleriana

AuthorityA. Ho.
SynonymsEucalyptus muellerana
Common namesyellow stringbark
Ecocrop code5891

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Usually a tall tree reaching 25-50 m in height, while the trunk may reach 100-300 cm in diameter. Under forest conditions it is a tree of good form with a straight bole one-half or more of the tree height, with a well developed crown. Sapwood pale brown, heartwood light yellow-brown with pink tinge, heavy, hard, moderately coarse-textured, strong and durable. USES The wood is used for general purpose construction, wharves, flooring, posts, poles, bridge timber and sleepers. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Yellow stringy bark. FURTHER INF In Australia, the latitudinal range of the tree is 34.5-39°S and it occur at elevations between sea level and 600 m. It thrives best in moist valleys and sheltered slopes of undulating country close to the sea coast. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (E. muellerana A. Howitt)
Boland D 1984 pp 274-275 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, DEP, DRA, FER, USE]