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Eucalyptus elata

Common names
Ecocrop code5853

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized to tall tree reaching 20-45 m in height, while the trunk may reach 50-100 cm in diameter. The tree usually have a straight trunk, a good form, and a handsome appearance. Heartwood pale brown, fissile but works well. USES The wood is not durable in the ground, used for light construction and for interior finish and joinery. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES River peppermint, River white gum. FURTHER INF In Australia, the latitudinal range of the tree is 33-38°S and it mainly occur at elevations between sea level and 150 m, but can be found up to 750 m. It is typically found in a narrow belt along water courses and in small valleys, but also extends to undulating topography where it is smaller and of poorer form. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (Eucalyptus elata Dehnh.)
Boland D 1984 pp 348-349 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, DEP, DRA, FER, USE]