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Eucalyptus diversicolor

AuthorityF. Muell.
Common names
Ecocrop code5851

BRIEF DESCRIPTION It is the tallest tree of Western Australia usually up to 45-70 m, but it can reach up to 85 m in height. The trunk is straight, it may reach 150-300 cm in diameter and be up to two-thirds of the tree height. Heartwood red, hard, heavy, strong, stiff and tough and moderately durable. USES The second most important commercial timber in Western Australia. The wood is used for building timber, flooring and guides or sliding beams in mines. Very large lengths are available. Used for plywood which is especially favoured for concrete formwork and truck flooring and also used in the pulp and paper industry. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Karri. FURTHER INF In Australia, the latitudinal range of the tree is 34-35°S and it mainly occur at elevations between sea level and 300 m. The tree can be found on undulating to hilly country, at hill slopes, ridges and in valleys.
SOURCES (E. diversicolor F. Muell.)
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