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Eucalyptus accedens

AuthorityW. Fitzg
Common names
Ecocrop code5831

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized tree up to 20-25 m in height, with relatively large boles reaching 1/4 to 1/3 of the tree height. The crown is heavily branched. USES Produce a good, dark red, very heavy, hard, strong and tough timber. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Powderbark wandoo. FURTHER INF In Australia, the tree occurs naturally within the latitudinal range of 22-33°S and it is mainly found at altitudes between 180-600 m. It occurs on hill tops and gentle to steep slopes and to a lesser extent on flat country. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (Eucalyptus accedens W. Fitzg.)
Boland D 1984 pp 398-399 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, FER, DRA, TEXT, DEP, USE]