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Brachiaria ruziziensis

AuthorityGerm. & C. Evrard
SynonymsBrachiaria eminii
Common namesCongo signal grass, Congo grass, Chinese cabbage, Kennedy ruzi grass, prostrate signal grass, ruzi grass, Congo senal, gambutera, pasto Congo, pasto ruzi, ruzi, ruziziensis, capim Congo, ya ruzi
Ecocrop code543

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A spreading grass reaching a height of 1.5 m. It has short rhizomes and under grazing it forms a dense mat. USES Very palatable, used for pasture and withstands grazing well. Also used for hay and silage. GROWING PERIOD Summer-growing perennial grass. Fast-growing early in the wet season. COMMON NAMES Kennedy ruzi grass, Congo signal grass, Prostrate signal grass, Congo grass, Ruzi grass, Kennedy ruzi, Ya ruzi. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: B. eminii. Kennedy ruzi grass is native of the Ruzizi valley in eastern Zaire and Burundi. It is common as a pioneer species of cleared rain forest in Africa, It can be found at elevations from 1000-2000 in Kenya and up to 1200 m in Panama. It can withstand up to 5 dry months, but will not withstand flooding or fire. Dry matter yields may be between 20-30 t/ha.
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