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Dactylis glomerata

SynonymsDactylis aschersoniana Graebn., Dactylis glomerata L. ssp. aschersoniana (Graebn.) Thell.
Common namescocksfoot, orchard grass, dactyle vulgaire, dactyle aggloméré, näuelgras, panasco, capim de pomar, dactila, hundäxing, hundegras, hundegræs, koiranheinä, hundgresi
Ecocrop code5184

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A strongly tutted, compact grass reaching a height of 60-150 cm. USES Grown for pasture and hay. It is commonly grown in mixtures with clover or alfalfa as permanent pasture. KILLING TEMP May loose the green colour at -4 to -7°C and be killed back to the crown at -9 to -12°C. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived cool-season perennial, can be harvested 4 times each year. COMMON NAMES Orchard grass, Cocksfoot, Pasto ovillo, Rough cocksfoot, Dactyle agglomere, Dactyle pelotonne, Affar doukna Lachicha, Mahoun, Nedjina, Nichia, Adem, Niscia, Hishia, Rijl-el-deek. FURTHER INF Orchard grass is native of Europe. It has certain winter requirements. In Kenya, it can be grown above altitudes of 2350 m. Photosynthesis pathway C3. Hay yields may be up to 13.5 t/ha when the stand is properly fertilized.
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