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Cucumis anguria

Common namesgherkin, maxixe
Ecocrop code5008

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A slender, trailing, herbaceous vine reaching up to 3 m in length with stiff hair. The fruit is ovoid to oblong on a long stalk, 4-5 cm in length, 3-4 cm in diameter, with a warty or spiny surface with long hairs and a pale rind, becoming yellow at maturity, and white or green flesh. USES The immature fruit is usually pickled or cooked as a vegetable, but can also be eaten raw. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb, may be harvested 40-80 days from sowing or planting. COMMON NAMES West Indian gherkin, West Indian gourd, Anguria cucumber, Concombre des Antilles, Concombre, Cornichon, Pepino, Pepinito, Burr gherkin, Maroon cucumber, Cackrey. FURTHER INF West Indian gherkin prefer warm, moderate humid conditions. It is sensitive to cold, susceptible to fungal diseases, and attacked by aphids and cucunber beetles.
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