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Bambusa vulgaris

Common namescommon bamboo, feathery bamboo, bambu' vulgar, Mambu, Murangi, golden bamboo
Ecocrop code493

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, clump forming, spineless bamboo 10-20 m tall with culms 6-13 cm in diameter. USES Used for shelterbelts and erosion control on sloping ground and stream banks. The canes are used for light construction, lattices, bridges, housing, furniture, and as a source of pulp. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. KILLING T It dies to the grown if exposed to frost but may resprout from the rhizomes. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Bariala, Bashni, Baizya, Kauayan-kiling, Sinambang, Lunas, Bulinao, Burirau, Kabaloan, Maribal, Kawayan, Taiwanak, Taring, Tewanak, Kawayan hobero, Kawayang-china, Bayugin, Patung, Linas, Kawayang-kiting, Tiling, Patong. FURTHER INF Bariala is the world's most widely distributed bamboo. It probably originated in Asia. It grows at low to medium altitudes. It is susceptible to powder post beetle and dry wood termite. Bamboos grow between the latitudes 40°N and S. Though the big bamboo forests usually occur between 15-25°N and S.
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