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Cnicus benedictus

SynonymsCarbenia benedicta (L.) Arcang., Carduus benedictus Blak., Benedicta officials Bern h., Centaurea benedicta L., Caicitrapa lanuginosa lem.
Common namesblessed thistle, holy thistle, St. Benedict thistle, karmedic, chardon benit, Benediktendistel, Cardui benedicti herba, Cnici benedicti herba
Ecocrop code4700

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect herb reaching a height of 20-80 cm. It has a 10-15 cm long taproot. The stem branches near the ground. The leaves are 5-30 cm lomg, lanceolate, sinuate, lobed and with sherp, pointed teeth. USES A drug extracted from the plant has medicinal properties. The drug is also used by the liqueur industry for preparing aperitif drinks and for spicing other drinks. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb. The seed germinates within 8-10 days and 60-70 days later the first flowers appear. The first cutting takes place, when the first flowers appear. The total growing period is 120-210 days. COMMON NAMES Blessed thistle, St. Benedict thistle. FURTHER INF Blessed thistle Average yield is 1.8-2.2 t/ha of dry herb. The amount of fresh plant may be 9-11 t/ha.
SOURCES (C. benedictus L.)
Hornok L 1992 pp 238-241 [DEP, TEMP, RAIN, FER, TEXT, USE]