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Chrysophyllum albidum

AuthorityG. Don
SynonymsChrysophyllum kayei S. Moore.
Common namesstar apple, mululu, nkalate
Ecocrop code4538

DESCRIPTION: It is a small to medium buttressed tree species, up to 25-37 m in height with a mature girth varying from 1.5 to 2 m. Bole is usually fluted, frequently free of branches for 21 m. Leaves are simple, dark green above, oblong-elliptic to elongate obovate elliptic, 12-30 cm long and 3.8-10 cm broad. Fruits almost spherical, slightly pointed at the tip, about 3.2 cm in diameter, greenish-grey when immature, turning orange-red, yellow-brown or yellow, sometimes with speckles. USE: The fleshy and juicy fruits, which are popularly eaten, are the potential source of a soft drink. Wood brownish-white, soft, coarse and open in grain; very perishable in contact with the ground. Easy to saw and plane, nails well, takes a fine polish, and therefore is suitable for construction work, tool handles and similar purposes. The fruits can be fermented and distilled for the production of wine and spirits. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: White star apple. FURTHER INF: It is a tree of the rainforest.
SOURCE: ICRAF Agroforestree Database (22.07.02) E4538