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Chrysanthemum coronarium var. coronarium

Common names
Ecocrop code4524

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, densely leafy, branched herb reaching 20-60 cm in height in the vegetative stage and 90-120 cm when flowering. It has heads of yellow flowers. USES Young leaves and seedlings are used as a vegetable and the plant is used as an ornamental. The small-leaf types have a very strong taste and are eaten cooked or fried, often together with other vegetables in soups. The large-leaf types can in addition be eaten raw in salads. The flowers are also edible, usually petals are used, fresh or dried, as a garnish or to brew a tea. The plant also has medicinal properties. It is a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Seedlings can be harvested 4-5 weeks from sowing when they are 5-10 cm tall, or plants can be harvested when they are more mature, after 6-8 weeks at a height of 15-25 cm. COMMON NAMES Garland chrysanthemum, Spring chrysanthemum, Crown daisy, Tangho, Chop suey green, Japanese green, Chrysantheme des jardins, Tango, Saruni walanda, Tang'oo, Phaktang-o, Phakkhikhwai. FURTHER INF Garland chrysanthemum is native of the Mediterranean region and distributed throughout Europe, northern Africe, and Asia. It is shade tolerant. In seed production yields vary from 1.3-2 t/ha.
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