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Ceriops decandra

Authority(Griff.) Ding Hou
SynonymsBruguiera decandra Griff., Ceriops roxburghiana Arn.
Common namesmangrove
Ecocrop code4434

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to medium-sized straight, columnar, evergreen tree, under favourable conditions reaching up to 35 m in height and the trunk up to 35 cm in diameter with short basal buttresses. USES The bark and leaves is a source of tannin. The sap of the bark yields a black dye used in the batik industri and a decoction of the bark has medicinal properties. The wood is used for posts, poles, tools, boat ribs and firewood and charcoal. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Can be worked as coppice on a rotation of 8 years. COMMON NAMES Goran, Cuttia, Kabaing, Tengar, Palun, Bido-bido, Landing-landing, Malatangal, Tungung, Tungug, Ka-pyaing, Smae, Kapuuling, Prong khaao, Samae manoh, Dza. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: C. roxburghiana. Coran is usually found in the tidal forest, where characteristically, it grows in the middle to landward zone of the mangrove swamp. It is most common in sites daily flooded at high tides, where fresh water is in regular supply and salinity never exceeds that of normal sea water.
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