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Castanea pumila

Authority(L.) Miller
Common nameschinquapin, dwarf chestnut, Alleghany chestnut, castanheiro anao
Ecocrop code4315

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A deciduous or evergreen shrub or small tree. It is usually a shrub reaching a height of 2-4 m, but occasionally it develops into a tree and can get up to 5-16 m or even 30 m tall. USES The sweet nuts are eaten raw or roasted in the shell. The tree provides good agricultural cover. The strong, hard timber is used as fence material and the roots have medicinal properties. KILLING T Flowers will not tolerate frost. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Require 2 years to bearing for grafted seedlings, and 8 years for ungrafted seedlings. In the United States the tree flowers in June and the nuts ripen in September. COMMON NAMES Chinquapin, Dwarf chestnut, Bush chestnut, Alegheny chinquapin, Allegheny Chinkapin. FURTHER INF Chinquapin is adapted to low to medium humidity in summer, and medium to high in winter. The species is indigenous to southeastern North America where they are common in the foothills and low mountains at elevations up to 1500 m. Often grown at slopes and roadsides.
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