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Carludovica palmata

AuthorityRuiz & Pavon
Common namesjipijapa palm, Panama hat palm, toquilla palm, ippi-appa palm, palmeira jipijapa, palmeira jijipa, palmeira carludovica, bombonaje, bombonaca, bombonassa
Ecocrop code4233

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A 1-4 m tall plant, resembling a trunkless fan-palm with large, fan-shaped leaves 1-4 m tall and 100-130 cm in diameter. USES Fibers used for panama hats and roofing material. Despite the name, Panama hats are mainly made in Ecuador. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. If the plant is grown from seed the first leaves can be harvested after about 7 years, if suckers are used leaves can be harvested after about 18 months, at which stage there will be about 20-30 leaves. COMMON NAMES Panama hat palm, Toquilla, Palma de sombrero. FURTHER INF Panama hat palm is cultivated from Central America to Ecuador. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (C. palmata Ruiz & Pav.)
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