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Carissa macrocarpa

Authority(Ecklon) A. DC.
Common nameslarge num-num, big num-num, Natal plum, grootnoemnoem, Amatungulu, umThungulu
Ecocrop code4229

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Vigorous spreading shrub, up to 5-6 m tall, branches armed with strong spines up to 5 cm long, all parts contain white latex. Fruit a globose to ovate berry, up to 6 cm x 4 cm, red to crimson. USES The fruits can be eaten raw or prepared into jams, jellies, syrup, cakes and puddings. The plant makes a good protective hedge and is also grown as an ornamental. KILLING T -3 to -5°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial shrub. Begin to fruit after 4-6 years of growth. COMMON NAMES Natal-palm, Carissa, Natal-plum, Amatungula, Amatoungoulo, Pommier-kei. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: C. grandiflora, Arduina grandiflora. Natal-palm originated in South Africa. It require a sesonal climate.
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