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Annona squamosa

Common namessugar apple, sweetsop, scaly custard apple, custard apple, zuckerapfel, stachelanone, cherimoya, attier, poreroe cannelle, pomme cannelle, anon, anon de azucar, anona de castilla, fruta do conde, scopappel, kaneelappel, fan-li-chi, sirkaja, sarikaja, atis, ata, luna, meba, sharifa, sarifa, sitaphal, sita pandu, nona sri kaya, bnah nona, seri kaya, tiep baay, tiep, mang cau ta, noinah, manonah, makkhiap, lanang, mak khbieb, na, mang caua ta, qu a na
Ecocrop code414

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen or deciduous shrub or tree reaching 3-7 m in height, with a shallow root system. The fruit is yellowish-green, heart-shaped, weighs 1.5-3 kg, and is covered with sharp pyramidal spines. The tree bears up to 25 fruits. USES The fruit contains about 16-18% sugar, it is used mainly for desserts, and can be mixed with wine, ice cream, or milk. It is mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The tree is slow growing and fruiting starts 3-4 years after planting. It bear ripe fruit 6 months a year. In India leaves and flowers appear in April-May, fruits ripen in July-August and the leaves fall in January-February. COMMON NAMES Sugar apple, Sweetsop, Custard apple, Anona, Ata, Attier, Pinha, Pomme cannelle, Anon, Sitaphal, Sharifa, Sirkaja, Sarikaja, Atis, Nona sri kaya, Buah nona, Sri kaya, Tiep baay, Tiep srok, Khieb, Noina, Makkhiap, Lanang, Na, Mang cau ta. FURTHER INF Sugar apple originated in tropical South America. It can in the tropics be grown at elevations up to about 1000 m. Young trees need partial shade. They do not like hot, dry winds at the time of flowering. The tree can be found on rocky soils. Yields may be about 60-70 fruits per tree, or about 10-15 t/ha.
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