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Calophyllum brasiliense

Common names
Ecocrop code4074

DESCRIPTION: It is an evergreen tree reaching 12-45 m in height and 0.5-1.8 m in diameter, with a dense crown and abundant white flowers. USE: The fruits are good food for hogs. The attractive wood is similar to mahogany and has similar uses. Oil has been extracted from the seeds. The resin called balsámo de maría, has been used medicinally. In the Caribbean, it is planted as a shade tree for coffee and cacao and for windbreaks. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: false mamery (English). FURTHER INF: It is widely distributed throughout the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, it grows in the sub-tropical moist forest. In Nicaragua, the species is found in lowland evergreen rain forest. In the lower mountain rain forests of the Chiapas, Mexico, it is one of the canopy trees. It occurs in nearly all soil types. It seems to grow best on wet, humid, sites, but also grows well on pure sand and rock sandstone. In Puerto Rico, it occurs naturally on the north coast on in sandy soils of the orders inceptisols, oxisols and alfisols. It has been planted on deep clays and serpentine soils in the mountains, and in shallow limestone soils near the coast. It does well on degraded sites, and is resistant to salt. In Jamaica, it occurs on volcanic and metamorphic shales.
SOURCE: ICRAF Agroforestree Database