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Caesalpinia coriaria

Authority(Jacq.) Willd.
Common namesdivi-divi, dividivi, libidibi
Ecocrop code4004

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An unarmed, crooked and spreading shrub or small tree, usually reaching up to 10 m in height but sometimes much larger. the flowers are small and pale yellow and the pods are flexuous and twisted, 2-8 cm long and containing 1-10 seeds. USES The pods provide tannin and a black dye used in the tanning industry and for ink. The pods also have medicinal properties. The hard, dark colored wood is used for carpentry. The tree can be planted for shade. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. The plant begin to bear in 5-7 years and attain full bearing capacity in 20 years. In India, trees flower and fruit twice a year (Jan.-Feb. and June-July). COMMON NAMES Divi-divi, American sumach, Tan yong. FURTHER INF Divi-divi is native of tropical America and the Carribean. Hot winds and frost are detrimental to seedlings. Well adapted to maritime climates. Yields of pods may be 45-135 kg per tree per year.
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