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Bothriochloa pertusa

Authority(L.) A. Camus
Common names
Ecocrop code3789

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tufted grass reaching 30-70 cm in height, rarely stoloniferous. Roots may reach as deep as 55 cm. USES Used for pasture and silage. KILLING T Frost kills the plant tops leaving only the basal parts alive. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Seymour grass, Hurricane grass, Camagueyana, Indian blue grass, Barbados blue grass, Comagueyana, Pitted Blue stem, Indian couch grass, Sweet pitted grass, Suket putihan, Rebha las-alasan, Rumput embun, Salay-parang, Salay, Ya-hom, Ya-hangma, Huyet tha'o lo. FURTHER INF Latin synonym: Amphilophis pertusa, Andropogon pertusus, Holcus pertusus. Found at elevations between sea level and 2100 m in India. It is fire resistant, Can become a weed. Dry matter production may be between 1-5 t/ha.
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