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Boesenbergia rotunda

Authority(L.) Mansf.
SynonymsBoesenbergia pandurata (Roxb.) Schltr., Gastrochilus panduratus Ridl.
Common nameska-aen, khing sai, krachai, wan phra athit, ra-aen, poh see, poh so roh, temu kunci
Ecocrop code3750

(06.06.03) E3750
DESCRIPTION: An erect terrestrial small herb up to 60 cm in height, almost stemless, with subterranean, thickened, yellow to brown aromatic swollen roots. USE: The roots and leaves are used for their medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. The roots can be collected by digging with a hoe at least 8 months after planting when the lower leaves turn yellow. COMMON NAMES: Chinese keys, Finger root, Resurrection lily, Tropical crocus, Ka-aen, Khing sai. FURTHER INF: Native of southern China and Southeast Asia. Widely cultivated throughout Southeast Asia in small scale, subsistence farming systems. Prefers a hot and humid climate, can grow in almost all types of soil but grows best in sandy soil.
Dave Skinner, GingerRus (http://www.gingersrus.com/DataSheet.php?PID=2442)