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Beckmannia syzigachne

Authority(Steudel) Fern.
Common names
Ecocrop code3674

DESCRIPTION: It is a light green coloured, robust, smooth, sometimes stoloniferous grass reaching 50-100 cm in height. Culms are erect and hollow. The leaves are 0.5-1 cm wide and quite weak. GROWING PERIOD: Annual or perennial. It is a warm season grass beginning growth in early May and flowering from early July to August. USE: Used for pasture but can also become a noxious weed. It is palatable to cattle and horses in early spring and until seed setting. Crude protein is about 14% in early June, dropping to less than 5% by mid-August. COMMON NAMES: Sloughgrass, American sloughgrass. FURTHER INF: It is native of wet land prairies in North America and is commonly found in low ground such as sloughs, marshes, ditches, and edges of ponds and lakes. Also found on disturbed areas and along roads. It prefers a clay soil with a shallow organic layer, occasionally found in standing water.
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