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Beckmannia eruciformis

Authority(L.) Host
SynonymsPhalaris eruciformis (L.)
Common namesslough grass, American slough grass, American sloughgrass
Ecocrop code3673

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial or annual grass reaching 1-1.5 m in height in shallow water but is smaller on land. USE: The seed is edible, it has a mild flavour and can be ground into flour and used as a cereal. The seed is very small but is easily harvested. It does then have to be separated from its husk, which is a very fiddly operation. The plant is used for making bedding and pillows. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial or annual. COMMON NAMES: Slough grass, American slough grass. FURTHER INF: It grows in wet soils, meadows, swamps, marshes and very shallow water. It requires moist or wet soil and can grow in shallow water also if it is quite saline. It is not very particular to soil type and can grow in both fine and medium textured soils. It can be found in southern and eastern Europe to central Asia and in western and northern United States from California to Alaska.