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Ambelania acida

SynonymsAmbelania tenuifolia Muell. Arg., Willughbeia acida (Aublet) J.F. Gmel
Common namesguanaguanare, palo de garza, ambelania, pepino do mato, pepino-do-mato, pepino-doce, pau-de-leite, ambélanier acide, graines-biche, papaye biche, quimbé-dents
Ecocrop code367215

(05.06.03) E367215
DESCRIPTION: It is an evergreen, pubescent shrub or small tree reaching up to 5-6 m in height. All the parts of the plant exudates a white latex after incision. USE: The fruits are edible and have medicinal properties. The fruit is beaten before consumption or after peeling, it is immersed in water for some time. So prepared, it is acid and nicely flavoured. The jam from peeled fruits are acidulate and refreshing. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Pepino do mato, Pepino doce. FURTHER INF: It is found in lowland tropical rainforest also dense forest of the Guianas and the Amazon. Both in primary forest and old secondary forests.
Eeckenbrugge and Ferla 2000 (Ambelania acida)