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Bambusa arundinacea

Authority(Retz.) Willd.
SynonymsBambusa bambos
Common namesthorny bamboo, spiny bamboo, male bamboo, bambu' estreito
Ecocrop code3613

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A bamboo growing in erect clumps. It is strong and thick walled, up to 25-35 m tall and with culm diameters of 8-10 cm. At each branch node there are 1-3 spines. USES Can be used for reforestation and stabilization of eroding banks. The canes are used as fuel, for battans, posts, small beams, ties, baskets, hats, toys, skewers, furniture, and paper. Young leaves can be fed to livestock. The shoots are used for food about 7-15 days after emergence. It is mentioned as a posible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. With a life-cycle of about 32-34 years. COMMON NAMES Thorny bamboo, Spiny bamboo, Cana espina, Kattang, Dougi, Padhai, Kalak, Mungil, Vedru, Kyakatwa, Kauayan-tinik, Aonoo, Kauayan totoo, Kawayan, Butung, Marubal, Dugian, Kabugawan, Marurugi, Rugian, Batakan, Kaano, Kaanono, Botong, Kawayan, Paua, Kawayan-gid, Kawayan si-itan, Kauayan na bayog, Lam-nuan, Baugin, Pasingan, Pagsingan. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: B. blumeana, B. spinosa, B. orientalis, B. arundo. Thorny bamboo is usually found in river valleys or other moist situations. It thrives at elevations between sea level and 2000 m. It is one of the best bamboos for windy sites due to the strength of the culms. Bamboos grow between the latitudes 40°N and S. Though the big bamboo forests usually occur between 15-25°N and S.
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