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Baccaurea motleyana

Authority(Muell. Arg.) Muell. Arg.
Common namesrambai
Ecocrop code3591

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium-sized tree reaching 15-25 m in height and a trunk diameter of up 40 cm, with a low, round, bushy crown. Leaves obovate-lanceolate to elliptic, 20-45 x 8-17 cm and fruits 2-4 cm in diameter, thinly puberulous, buff-coloured. USES It is grown for its fruit and bark. The sweet fruit is made into conserves or fermented into a liquor. The bark yields a dye used to colour silk. The tree is also planted as an ornamental and shade tree. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Rambai, Rambi, Mafai-farang, Lamkhae, Ra mai. FURTHER INF Rambai is native of Sumatra, Borneo and Java. It thrives in tropical lowland forests at elevations up to 750 m and it prefers alluvial soils near rivers or places where water is available.
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