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Axonopus affinis

Common names
Ecocrop code3578

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A glabrous mat-forming grass reaching 25-75 cm in height. USES It is used for turfing lawns, airstrips, erosion control and as a pasture grass. KILLING T It has some frost-resistance. GROWING PERIOD Warm-season perennial. COMMON NAMES Carpet grass, Mat grass, Compressum, Durrington grass, Narrow-leaved carpet grass. FURTHER INF Carpet grass is native of southern United States, Central America and the Caribbean. It is often found on low, flat, and wooded areas. Because it has such a dense sod and aggressive growth, it is difficult to maintain legumes with it. Maximum top growth have been recorded at day-lenghts at about 15 hours, while the highest seed production occurs at 12-14 hours. It will flower in day-lenghts between eight and 16 hours. It is tolerant of frequent defoliation. Dry matter yields are usually between 0.8-5.2 t/ha. It can become a weed, especially on soil of low fertility.
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